The Dedication Bonus Throwaways Mixtape 2

by Stylez-T Productions

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This is a lightwork Mixtape Project The Dedication Bonus Throwaway Mixtape 2 Is Going out to my fans,my boy Luckyseven

that's locked up,but will return soon,also special shoutout to my future girl,i present some of the finest samples ideas,i

came up as a decent mixtape to start back with some good hip-hop/vgm beats and some remakes with a bit of a modern twist.

All Rights Goes To Samples Work Credits Disclaimer Which i don't own i only use them for fun & enjoyable of mixtuare

anime / remakes / vgm / trance etc.


released March 20, 2014

Air Gears Anime Composer Skanfunk Credits All Rights Reserved.

Ronin Warriors Their Music Composer Osamu Totsuka All Rights Reserved 1989.

The Game Ali Bomaye Credits To Producer Black Metaphor & Sample Ceremonias Florence & The Machine

Shadow Hearts 2 Sample Credits To Midway & Their Composers Yoshitaka Hirota Yasunori Mitsuda Kenji Ito Tomoko Kobayashi

All Rights Reserved.

Dragon Ball Z Credits TO Bruce Faulconer Composer Funimation & Kenji Yamamoto Bird Studio All Rights Reserved.

DJ Blazewave For Providing me the sample work.

Tekkaman Blade Credits To Music Composer Takashi Kudo Composer (Music Score), Songwriter All Rights Reserved.

Attack On Titan Credits Vocals Mpi & Their Composer Hiroyuki Sawano All Rights Reserved.

Wolf's Rain Credits To Singer Maaya Sakamoto & Composer Yoko Kanno All Rights Reserved.

Megaman X Credits To Capcom & Their Composers Setsuo Yamamoto Makoto Tomozawa Yuki Iwai Yuko Takehara Toshihiko Horiyama

All Rights Reserved.

Super Smash Bros Brawl Credits To Composer Shogo Sakai All Rights Reserved Nintendo.

Also Credits To Sonictrakk For The Original Throwback Work.

F-Zero Nintendo Credits Goes To Composers Yumiko Kanki Naoto Ishida All Rights Reserved.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall Of The Foot Clan Credits To Ultra Games & Konami & Their Composers Michiru Yamane

Tomoko Nishikawa All Rights Reserved.

Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster Credits To Midway & Their Composer Marc Baril All Rights Reserved.

Yu Yu Hakusho Credits Vocals English Sara White & Japanese Matsuko Mawatari All Rights Reserved.

Kingdom Hearts Utada Credits To Square Enix & Composer Yoko Shimomura All Rights Reserved.

Markus Elevation Original Vocals & Featuring Justine Suissa Somewhere All Rights Reserved.

------------->(Shoutout & Thanks Disclaimer) <------------

To K-Tru & Shane Uriah & Everyone Else In The DMC Family organization for giving me the courage to drop this dedication

mixtape especially luckyseven,big ups to obliv3on beatz for being one of the collaboration,any questions on leasing or

using beats feel free to use them as long as i get producer's credits,otherwise email me at or

@StylezTDiverse Twitter DMC Official Website Link Coming Soon.



all rights reserved


Stylez-T Productions Phoenix, Arizona

From Phoenix Arizona,To Bay Area CA,Been producing music,on youtube,soundcloud & etc,starting to develop a movement called DMC (Diverse Movement Crew) with different talented members & etc.

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