The Sequel Remix Inventions Pt​.​2 (The Collection Edition) Disc 2

by Stylez-T Productions

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A Spinoff Sequel From the Popular The Remix Inventions Project The Album 2011

Now Comes a New Transistion In VGM / Cartoon & Anime Remixes

And Some Original Remakes,I am Proud to share my

Experience as a producer over the years to my fans & supporters close to me

since i started youtube 2010 being able to release a sequel of december 2011

first release now enjoy this 2014 Adventure 2 Disc Saga which continues....


released December 25, 2014

*Disclaimer Credits Sample Rights To All Composers*

Donkey Kong Country 2 Credits To Composers David Wise Of Nintendo All Rights Reserved

Megaman X 4 Credits To Capcom K-Tru & Their Composer Yuko Takehara All Rights Reserved

NBA Jam Sample Credits To Midway & Jon Hey Composers As Well as Mean SK All Rights Reserved

Fatal Fury Credits Goes To Their Composers Sakusou Chase The Vangabond All Rights Reserved

Ehergiz Credits Goes To Squaresoft & Their Composer Takayuki Nakamura All Rights Reserved

Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Credits To Takara & Their Composers Yashuhiro Nakano All Rights Reserved

Strider HD Remix Credits To Their Composers & Capcom All Rights Reserved

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Sample Credits To Iku Mizutani
Kinuyo Yamashita Banpresto Bandai All Rights Reserved

Phineas & Ferb Credits To Rose The Manarch Danny Jacob & Isabella All Rights Reserved

Tekken 3 Credits To Namco Blue Rhythmz & Their Composers Nobuyoshi Sano,
Keiichi Okabe, Hiroyuki Kawada, Minamo Takahashi and Yuu Miyake; the composers

Threads Of Fate Credits To Squaresoft & Their Composer Junya Nakano All Rights Reserved

Skies Of Arcadia Credits To Sega & Captain Falco Composers Yutaka Minobe Tatsuyuki Maeda All Rights Reserved

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Credits To Sega & Their Composer Masato Nakamura All Rights Reserved

Super Mario Bros 3. Credits To Composer Koji Kondo & Nintendo All Rights Reserved

Ape Escape Credits To SCE Japan Sony Computer Entertainment Composer Soichi Terada

Sonic Adventures Credits To Sega & Their Composers Jun Senoue Kenichi Tokoi Fumie Kumatani Masaru Setsumaru

Also Special Appearance Guest NekoMast3r

Legend Of Legaia Credits To Sony & Their Composer, Michiru Oshima, Kohei Tanaka.

Street Fighter EX Credits To Capcom & Their Composers Takayuki Aihara Shinji Hosoe Ayako Saso

Sonic Unleashed Credits Goes To Tomoya Ohtani, Mariko Nanba; Sega All Rights Reserved

X-Men Childern Of The Atom Credits To Capcom & Mr.Smooth Beats Their Composer Takayuki Iwai

Wave Race 64 Credits To Nintendo & Their Composer Totaka, Kazumi Also To Av8rz Takz

Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers Credits To Disney & Their Composer Glen Daum All Rights Reserved

(Disclaimer) If anyone wishies to use these beats as far as non-profit feel free to as long as i get producer's credits or if wish to buy exclusive rights email me at

Follow Me @StylezTDiverseM

Thanks for listening to this project of mine.

(*Shoutouts & Thanks)

Like to give my thanks and shoutouts to my supporters and fans members in #DMC Family / #EGP Also big ups to those

Like Garbo aka Garland Bennett For The Artwork Design K-Tru,Disco E JTBS, Nekomast3r Many Others Like DJ Blazewave For Providing Me With Their Help

On The Artwork Design,Please Enjoy This Two Disc Saga.... Which Contains Sample Remixes And Some Original,Also Shoutout

To The Other Producers Collabing On The Disc 2 For Their Work,If anyone wish to use these beats for Promoting Just

Be Sure i get credits or best contact me on my email for serious Business Inquiries.

Also Be Sure to Look Out For The Official DMC Website Coming Really Soon Thank You!



all rights reserved


Stylez-T Productions Phoenix, Arizona

From Phoenix Arizona,To Bay Area CA,Been producing music,on youtube,soundcloud & etc,starting to develop a movement called DMC (Diverse Movement Crew) with different talented members & etc.

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